The Dream: Cruise Ships to Cruisers

It all began with a dream...

On July 4 (of all days), I woke up from one of the most vivid dreams I had dreamt in a long time. I don't ordinarily remember my dreams very often (although I believe that will change someday), so when I do, I pay close attention. The dream was pretty simple.

I was a naval officer being taken on a tour around a newly acquired training ground. It almost looked like a typical park in Queens, NY but by the ocean. As we walked, we came across a shipyard with a ship that was under construction. The tour guide explained to us that the ship was a cruise ship that was now being converted to a cruiser. As we continued to walk, we came across numerous groups of soldiers undergoing training.

The church is not a cruise ship, it's a warship.

Though the saying has been around for a while, the message is still relevant. But God is moving. And I have never felt such hope for the Church as I do now. God is doing a new thing and He is inviting the Church into partnership with Him. He is wanting to raise up a generation of fighters; no longer satisfied with simply going to church to "receive." A generation of men and women who are not okay with just sitting back and expecting their pastors to do all the spiritual heavy lifting. A generation of people who know their identity in Him. A generation that understands that, for the body of Christ to be fully functional, each person must play his or her part. An army that is not okay with just playing defense any longer. A royal priesthood holy and set apart.

When I woke up from the dream, the Lord said 2 things to me:

1. Cruise ships will be transformed into cruisers

Cruisers are not just ordinary warships. What makes them so special is that they are not built on a singular template. Rather, they are customized to meet the specific needs of the battle. In the same way, God will begin to give each individual church insight and strategy for its specific location/sphere. God is transforming the Church from what has become an individualistic, consumer-oriented organization into a united effort of men and women trained and deployed to wage war on the kingdom of darkness strategically and effectively. The Christian mindset will begin to shift from receiving to contributing, from civilian to soldier, and from me to us. Most significantly, the way churches interact with one another will change radically. As the mindset of individual members of the church is transformed from "me" to "we," there will be a corporate shift as churches move beyond themselves from competition and into cooperation.

2. There will be a mass enrollment of soldiers as civilians realize there is a war going on

As more and more Christians come to the realization that what they "know" to be true is actually true - that we live in the midst of spiritual warfare - more people will answer the call to live a life that is intentionally engaged with the current state of the world and what God wants to do. Warfare does not wait for acknowledgement. Many Christians seem to think that the battle is only overseas but the battle is right before us. In our workplaces, in our schools, in our homes, even in our churches. The battle is real and we are affected by it whether we engage in it or not. I believe that God is raising up a young army to gear up and man their battle stations. More and more passionate followers of Jesus will find themselves in positions of influence in every sphere in society. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, businessmen, teachers, actors, athletes, engineers, construction workers, musicians, (etc.) with a genuine zeal for the Lord will be more commonplace - even as resistance increases.

Personally, I was not very interested in taking up blogging. Every time I would entertain the thought, I would immediately be flooded by fears and reasons why I shouldn't do it.
• I am not qualified - there are better, more articulate bloggers already out there
• I am not smart enough
• People will judge me for my content
• I'll fail at being consistent
• I'll fail at being creative enough
But as soon as I moved beyond myself and began to ask God what He wanted, God not only made it clear that He called me, He reminded me that He will be with me. Furthermore, I found courage in those around me who had taken the leap before me. Friends who started incredible ministries and platforms - like Qara (, Pursuit NYC (, Worship As 1 (, Perichoresis Media (, Song & Story (IG: @mysongandstory), and Wholly Living Life (IG @whollylivinglife) - as well as musician friends who are doing the same like Jordan Marcotte (IG @jordanmarcottemusic), Deborah Kim (IG @deborahkimusic), and my amazing wife Lydia Yoon (IG @lydiayoonmusic). I am thankful for these friends who have helped me take the leap, whether directly or indirectly, and am believing for this platform to be an encouragement for others to do the same.

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