Stepping into the New You


I can’t believe we are already 17 days into the New Year. Like many people, each new year comes with new pressures to evaluate the past year and identify the areas we’ve failed in last year by way of resolutions. Resolving to work out & lose weight, start pushing out creative content again, be a better husband, a better father, a better pastor, to be more disciplined, to eat better; the list goes on and on. To be quite honest, I found myself overwhelmed this year by the sheer amount of things I wanted to grow in this year. I had spiritual goals, familial goals, creative goals, and fitness goals. I safely tucked away these goals in my “Oh, I just wish I could…” mental folder - forcing back the truth that they will probably remain there until the the dusk of 2019 or even the dawn of 2020. Then, my friend introduced me to the Best Self Journal. {DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A PAID ENDORSEMENT OF THE BEST SELF JOURNAL - although, if that happened, I wouldn’t complain ;)}.

The most important lesson I’ve learned from this specific journaling process so far is that sometimes, getting started on something and getting it done is more important than waiting to get it done perfectly. The most important step to succeeding is to get started. It’s okay if you suck. It’s okay if it’s awkward. It’s okay if it isn’t perfect. Repetition will result in improvement.

You can’t crush a major goal without chipping away at it first.

I cannot expect to transition from a sedentary lifestyle to running a marathon (or even a 5k) overnight. I need to train myself and condition my body to achieve a certain level of physical fitness that is required to run for an extended time. But there are tools at my disposal, like the innumerable amount of couch-to-5k apps that exist. But in order for me to crush my goal, I need to start chipping away at it first. Alternating between running and walking for a grand total of half a mile in half an hour may not be something that I would be able to show off, but it is definitely better - and draws me closer to my goal - than doing nothing.

Spiritual growth is the same. I would hope that all Christians want to be holy - all Christians want to wake up early to start the way with Jesus, be able to spend hours on end praying and interceding, memorize Scripture, and evangelize radically. But only a fraction of Christians are willing to put in the work to get there. Sure, maybe praying 5 minutes each morning, reading the Bible app’s verse of the day, and memorizing one verse is not something we would be able to flaunt. But it’s a start. Anything is better than nothing and something is an improvement from your current state. Keep at it and slowly but surely you will grow. The change may seem gradual but, over time, it will be exponential.

Start chipping away.

If you’ve been wanting to grow spiritually but your goals just felt too overwhelming, make the decision to begin chipping away today. Get on a bible reading plan (the Read Scripture app is a GREAT one… Read Scripture app for Android // Read Scripture app for iPhone).

Start setting aside bite-size time blocks to pray and read the Word. Commit to memorizing one bible verse a week. Challenge yourself to speak share your faith with someone - your pastor or a church member is a great place to start. Most importantly, actually do it. Set “appointments” for Jesus and your bible and treat them like actual appointments. Take it one day at a time. Be patient. Be diligent.

*I have not blogged for almost half a year because, in my busyness, I felt that none of the blogs I was writing was ever good enough to put out there. Even this post does not feel good enough. The photo doesn’t quite fully objectify what I am trying to portray, the writing seems disconnected and does not seem to flow very well, and I know that I could probably produce a better post if I gave it a couple more days of editing and sifting. But, in the spirit of getting things done, even if not perfectly, I am uploading this. I hope it has blessed you in some way.

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